Friday, March 23, 2012

Yesterday's Bride, Today's Tourist

This morning we parked in the Bahamas. Nassau to be exact. It was strange to wake up a)After 10am b)After Mike c)Docked in the Bahamas and d) In the fluffy cloud they call a bed. Strange, but good. Except that by the time I was up and dressed breakfast was over on the boat. Wahhh! It worked out though we ate an awesome early lunch instead. It was just being set up so we got first pick at the carving station, score. My lunch also included a piece of pumpkin pie. If day of marriage includes sleeping in AND pie I'm all set. I ambitiously decided I wanted to take a walk in the Bahamas, do Disney Trivia at 2pm, the 6:15 ventriloquism show and some after dinner karaoke.

We did take a walk in the Bahamas. It was brief. It was overwhelming how many people were trying to get through the same tight spaces. It didn't leave a lot of maneuvering room for the wheelchair. Once we'd gone through the entrance we were besieged on all sides by people trying to sell us stuff. Again, overwhelming. We purchased a bottle of rum and headed back to the ship. Another tip to my future brides, don't forget to tell your debit/credit card institutions you will be out of the country or your cards will not work. Back on the boat an elderly woman noticed our "just married" buttons and nudged her husband. "Look, honey they're just married." He gave us a long silent look and then smiled and said in a voice I will never forget "behave yourselves." Awesome.

I did not end up at Disney Trivia, which is lucky for those kids because I would have kicked their butts. We did go to the show, but it was not the "adult version" we had been so excited for. It was the family version. It was very entertaining, but a bit like expecting Sprite and getting a sip of water. Apparently, dirty puppets happen on nights 4 & 5 late night. After the show we mixed some rum and Cokes and went to watch the sunset. Bahama rum is potent stuff! Whew. It was ok though because I wasn't responsible for children or driving home or getting up for work. Don't we look relaxed? That chair is basically like a tiny couch facing a view of the ocean (right next to the adults only hot tub). Because of the state of tension my muscles exist in constantly and my life long need for independence (any degree of relaxation and I have to use the wheelchair or not move) I'm a total amateur at relaxed. I'm using this trip to try and acquire that skill.

Dinner was overwhelming good yet again. Last night we dined in the Animator's Palatte which was all funny and cartoon. They even had an interactive experience with Crush that night. Today we dined in the Enchanted Garden. It's exactly what it sounds like. I enjoyed the mirror on the wall facing us for picture taking purposes. We were the only ones at our table again, sweet! Our waiters are awesome, for the second night in a row Mike doubled up on appetizers and entrees (they were that good).

It occurred to me tonight that yesterday (or the day before that) I was a bride and today I was just another married lady on a boat. Weird. It helped that we found this in our room after dinner.

The card said "Have a magical honeymoon". You got it Mickey!

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