Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sold Tag

I picked out my dream wedding band...oh, 5yrs ago. Than I worked on finding one I liked as much that I could afford from August to January. Famously when discussing ring budget Mike said his ring should be allotted $50 when I laughed he said "it doesn't matter mine's just a sold tag any way." Well, when pressed to tell me the kind of ring he wanted he choose this:

He like that it matched my engagement ring and the triangles reminded him of Zelda. As the wedding got closer he decided to order lab created stones and make this ring himself. He would use metal clay to make the setting. Here's what the clay looks like before it's fired.

The plan was to throw it in the kiln and then polish it up. Unfortunately, he carved too much away and it broke. He tried to repair it, but it doesn't seem salvageable. So, now 2 weeks before the big day we were looking for a plan b. Of course the original ring we based the design on no longer existed at this point. I was feeling silly for not making him choose a plan b before now.

In the end he picked this laser engraved tungsten ring.

He likes the super manly qualities of tungsten. I like that the design matches my wedding band. He may upgrade to an emerald ring down the line, but this is the one we'll get married with.

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