Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I Left With

We woke up to the announcement that we were in port and we were welcome to leave the ship. It came a full 5min before the alarm we set the night before so we had our taste of the real world early in the day. We hustled to our last meal on the ship. It was the first time we had to wait more than two elevator lods to get up the whole trip, by the way. I was very grateful for breakfast because the last cruise we took they booted me out the door before I even had time to grab a banana. It was sad to say goodbye to our waiter friends, but we were ready to go home. I wanted to hug the kids.

Look, Mickey was sad to see us go. Getting off the boat was even smoother than getting on. We picked up our one suitcase in the orange Goofy section, waited in the customs line less than 5min and then made the 30 second walk to the car. I guess I'm always struck by how unceremoniously things end. We hit the road happy from a great vacation and ready to get back to the real world.

We bought an internet package on the ship before we even left port so we could check for wedding pictures. I think everyone heard I had a photographer and a videographer and left their cameras at home because there was very little photographic evidence of the big day. We wasted most of the internet package because we were so busy enjoying our vacation. That's how I know it was a real vacation, the rest of the world Facebook included vanished for 5 days.

Unlike the typical honeymooners we were rarely in the room. Time alone together to "date" and converse without watching the clock was what we needed to get while we had the chance. The ship was called the Disney Dream and I suppose I've always wished I could go back in time somehow and really date Mike, wish granted. What a wonderful insight into who we are and how we feell about each other when the unrelenting stresses and responsibilities are lifted. Now I know what it's like to really date Mike and our marriage will be better for it.

I remember seeing this sign on the drive home and thinking "Oh, Yeah, honeymoon's over." There will be no more double dinners and deserts and not nearly as much quality time where we're going. Goodbye honeymoon of a thousand dates, hello day to day responsibilities...

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