Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekday Wedding

Please keep in mind it is an evening wedding starting at 6:30pm. Local guests probably won't even have to leave work early. Also, (I'll discuss this more later) we won't be having a bar so there's no risk of everyone hung over the next day. From the FAQ section of our guest website: Isn't the 21st of March a Wednesday?!? Yes, we are getting married on a Wednesday. It will be an evening ceremony starting at 6:30pm. We hope this gives everyone a chance to make it from from work, but if we've given you a good excuse for a day off in the middle of the week, you're welcome! All that being said it has it's good and bad points.

  • Discount on Venue
  • Discount on/greater availability of venders
  • Less schedule conflicts for local guests
  • Cheaper travel options for out of town guests
  • Weeds out people just coming for the party
  • Amazing date.
  • We can set-up the day before because there's no other event that day
  • What's more fun than a midweek excuse to party?
  • People who do laundry on weekends will have most of their wardrobe available to wear
  • More options for emergency plan B vendors if something goes wrong
  • Wednesday Wedding is alliteration
  • Wedding events will either be well in advance of the wedding or during the week
  • Getting time off work may be tricky for wedding party and out of town guests
  • We may have to wait several days to leave for the honeymoon depending on which option we pick (ie not many cruises leave on Thurs)
  • We may throw a wrench in our kids' schecdules
  • It's one more thing we're doing differently than tradition dictates for people to grumble about

    1. Hey, you can only talk about alliteration if you can spell it correctly...

      Love the idea of a midweek bash-party on !~!

    2. Oh, no! Ha! Busted, I'm an infamously bad speller not even spell chack can save me sometimes.

    3. Pros:
      - Canceling work meetings with the note, "I'll be eating cake in a fancy dress. Sorry!"
      - +1 Amazing date!

      Your laundry/wardrobe pro made me laugh out loud. Fancy dress: check. Clean undies: also check.


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