Friday, August 26, 2011

My Biggest Fear

I worried so much about postal issues with the save the dates. I researched the rules and badgered quite a few out of town guests to make sure they had received them. I obsessively checked hits to the wedding guest website to try and confirm that save the dates were being received. After things seemed to have gone off with out a hiccup, I stopped worrying.

Yesterday, there was a returned save the date in the mail box. "Oh, no!" I exclaimed waving it at Michael like it were a letter bomb. It happened. A family member out of town who no doubt had been reading about and seeing pictures of the save the dates must of thought I forgot her. I checked for clues, but all it said was "UTF" hand written in blue ink next to the address. At first glance we were confused. "Sounds like a disease" I remarked relieved at least it didn't seem to be a postage issue.

The bright yellow label stuck to it said "Unable To Find" and beneath that "Unable To Forward" so take your pick of "UTF"s I suppose. Obviously, an address issue. Hmmm...I checked it against what I had. The only issue I could find was that I had written point instead of port in front of the city, but if the zip code was right that shouldn't be a big deal. I checked with a relative would confirmed all my info and then sent a message to the recipient.

The address had been correct, but the city had changed it's name and with it it's zip code! Weird. So, I was triply relieved that 1)It wasn't a postage issue 2)It wasn't my goof and 3)I now had correct info for their invitation. Phew! I'm slightly irritated at the waste of the pretty stamp, but mainly I'm sad for their looooong wait. Hopefully, theirs was the one undelivered exception.

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  1. That’s great, Katie. You have reason to be proud of the way you organize and handle this upcoming festival of yours.


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