Monday, August 15, 2011

Update Monday

I think since my blog is daily, I'll begin a tradition of giving the overall picture of how things are progressing planning-wise every Monday (unless something thrilling and wedding related happens).

Here we go...

  • DIY Save the Dates! (Created, Ordered, Received, Assembled and Mailed!)There were many steps, but I mailed (Mike was not quick about getting the last 3 addresses.) the very last of those 44 little buggars today. Woohoo!
  • First bridesmaids get together
  • My dress (pictured in Vendor/Friender tab) is being constructed as we speak and will be in my possession sometime pre/during the holidays.
  • We're inching closer to our finalized florals. I'm meeting Ms Janine this week to deliver one of our bridesmaid lanterns and see boutonnière and favor samples.
  • I've scheduled a cake tasting for next week.
  • We've found the bridesmaids’ shoes and one of my little Cinderellas already has her glass slippers.
  • We've scheduled the bridesmaids’ dress fitting for Sept, when they'll all be together.
  • Completed the first 2 weeks of my Bridechilla wedding planning e-course (wedding vibe & budget)
Looking Forward To
  • Finalizing cake and florals
  • Seeing the maids in their dresses and shoes!
  • A bridesmaids lunch while everyone's in town
  • Starting on our music and slideshow projects
  • Composing the ceremony
  • Designing the invitations
  • Ring shopping!!
  • All the pre-wedding events

Surely I've forgotten many things, but you get the rough idea. The swatch of material for the bridesmaid dress I ordered 2 weeks ago for my florist is still MIA. I called the boutique and they're following up with the designer. They're very nice people there and I'm sure they'll clear it up, just not by Tuesday.

I still have a complete black hole void of nothingness as far as the men’s attire. Something different, comfortable and thematically in tune...I have no idea still. Good thing the boys don't have to order something 6mon in advance.

Mike has been busily working on decor. Mainly the lit centerpiece prototype. Silly me, I thought he'd throw a clay foundation together for me to bring to the florist and we'd fill it with willow branches. Nope. Apparently, he has to figure out all the lights in the centerpiece so he knows were to hide cords, etc. Another box of LED lights arrived today and Dr. Frankenstein was off to the lab. Sigh...

I've been obsessively checking hits on the wedding guest site to try and confirm all save the dates have been received. We're looking pretty good. We even have 2 (3 if you count the wedding family) RSVPs and a list of song requests.

219 days! Woah.

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