Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Dreams

My first wedding related dream was a few weeks ago. I dreamt I had to threaten a groomsman into getting his suit picked up and Mike's boss roughed him up for me. It was weird and stressful. The other night I had my first mostly good wedding dream.

I found myself in my actual wedding dress standing on a hillside in Boston with about 60 people. I remember being confused. Had I missed it? Was I married? Oh, well it was a lovely day. After milling around I realized I had forgotten to fill out the photographer's timeline sheet. Now, he'd have no idea what to take pictures of or when. This was bad.

All the sudden I was in Boston University’s black box theater where my reception was being held. It was just me alone joyously wondering about in the much beloved space. I remember thinking more than once I was glad we decided to have the wedding in Boston. All at once everyone was there dancing, although I never saw my groom once the whole dream. Maybe because I have no idea what he'll be wearing. Anyway, at that point I realized I hadn't seen my photographer all day.

It was funny because in the dream I knew exactly how much I had paid and how many hours I had arranged for in real life and was trying to reason out where he might be. Then like magic my dad asked me to dance and there was Jason, the photographer, snapping away.

I guess it means I miss Boston and photography's important to me, duh! I looked amazingly beautiful in the dream and I loved my dress. It was a pretty fun dream considering the photographer stress. I hope I have more like this one than the first.

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