Sunday, August 28, 2011


Years ago when we discussed a honeymoon we found these cabins in the mountains in Georgia. They all have balconies, hot tubs and great views. You can pay for a personal chef to come make you a gourmet dinner and clean up (we were all in for one night of that!). It's romantic and secluded. I was particularly siked about the white water rafting option. There's one item I'll never cross off the the bucket list now.

That whole trip was completely out of the question post spinal fusion. Aside from physical limitations there's the budget. Honestly, I just can't see planning a party for 100ish people AND a vacation financially. I know I need some time with Michael without the kids. At first I thought it would be fine to stay home as long as someone else kept the kids for 3-7days. After some more thought I realized being home wouldn't be quality couple time. I started considering driving distance destinations. Unfortunately, theme parks aren't what they used to be with my back still healing.

So, a trip. A real trip, just the two of us. Hmmm...We did a cruise last year for a family wedding (it was my first one). We're considering a 3day cruise or some kind of all inclusive couples resort. We looked into some wonderful options like going to Scotland/Ireland it was too expensive (like more than the wedding). I brought up Alaska, but March is the wrong time of year for that. Then I brought up Australia, but that was more than going to Europe. Mike brought up New England which is lovely (and full of friends) and easier on the budget, but again March is a dodgy time of year weather-wise. My beloved California is temperate and full of friends as well, but it's a loooong flight. Who knows what I'll be up to by then? It's so complicated.

No cabins in the mountains, no Disney, no leaving the country, no room in the budget... I'm up to suggestions. I need a break. Mike and I have never been alone together and if we don't make a point to do this now I have no idea when or if it will happen. Let's hear it: honeymoon on a budget that doesn't put too much strain on the bones.


  1. what about spending a few days at a nice hotel on the beach?

    have you looked into one tank trips? they have a book and web site that give great local mini vacation ideas

  2. We looked into getting a room at the Tradewinds for a week. I just worry about eating on the beach all week making it as expensive as a cruise.


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