Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Wisedom

OffBeat Bride:

One of the most pervasive bastions of the dreaded Wedding Industrial Complex is dealing with vendors. Because here’s the deal: while you’re all wrapped up in the warm fuzzy blanket of Offbeat Bride and getting encouragement to break the wedding rules, most vendors make their money from traditional couples and traditional nuptials. They have a series of expectations based on the couples that they’ve dealt with in the past, and not all of them are aware of how awesome you are or how amazing offbeat weddings can be.

Um, yes, this exactly. So it's not just me? Phew.

Also, from a long over wedding blog (eleventwentyseven):

It’s like packing for a trip. you can always bring more clothes or add more things but after awhile it doesn’t really make your experience any better it’s all about the vacation and not necessarily what you bring with you.

Less is more? Ok good. No one will hate my wedding if everything in Martha Stewart Weddings isn't present? Phew Again.

Some girl on the Knot

I was talking about my wedding and my FBIL said "You know what I think you should do for your wedding? Whatever you want."

Amen to that.

Please share your sage advice or other peoples...


  1. Have fun, get pictures of everyone not just bride & groom, and remember the wedding is just a day but the marriage is forever. How's that :)

  2. You will be happy no matter what drama may occur. Things will be perfect, no matter what because it's your wedding day, and ultimately it's about the love you share with your future husband. Kevin

  3. plan to let go of the planning once your big day arrives... :-) Emily

  4. I hope I let go before then.

  5. Best thing I did: assign a TRUSTED person to be in charge of running things (the way I wanted) the day of so I could relax and enjoy the day. My sister in law was great at that and I'm really glad I didn't have to worry about the little things at all (touching up my makeup before a pic, herding people in the proper directions at the proper times, etc, etc).

  6. Ignore all the drama and focus on what makes YOU and your SO happy! Jasandra


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