Monday, August 29, 2011

Update Monday

  • Made Both cake tasting appointments.
  • Started organizing music
  • Started researching honeymoons
  • Started on the wedding party's t-shirts I'm making for the rehearsal. They look amazing!
  • Started researching henna artists for the bachelorette party
Looking Forward To
  • Finalizing cake
  • Seeing the maids in their dresses Next week!
  • Ring shopping

The cake tastings will be back to back this week. I can't wait to check this of the to do list. It's never as easy or complicated as you think it will be. Aside from cakes we've come very close to making a decision on the honeymoon. If money and timing work out look for a post about our decision soon. I can tell you, we will take one. Once the cake is finalized I'm ready for ring shopping. I thought that would be all fun, but the florist has me worried I won't have it in time for the wedding, we'll see...Oh, speaking of timing I never did get my swatch. The dress shop says they mailed it to me on the 16th, but it's yet to arrive.

I'm still vibrating with excitement because the SOB/OOT BM (sister of the bride/out of town bridesmaid) aka my little sister will be here on Friday! Hurray. Working out a lunch for the girls has proved complicated so I have delegated the task of figuring it out and come to peace with the possibility we may get our group shot outside the dress shop and call it a day. I did, however, design my ladies kick ass rock star shirts to wear to the rehearsal. Yay!

We're planning a lunch break trip to the venue as soon as we can squeeze it in to pow wow with the florist about decor logistics. As soon as that's done I'm on mission cheap-but-pretty fabric. We also (miracle!) agreed on a style of invitation and (double miracle) are not going to DIY them, phew!

205 days!

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