Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update Tuesday

This one will be skimpy because I was busy trying not to die last week.

  • Recovering from nasty kidney infection (well almost done)
  • Lara and I met with the florist, yay! We saw samples, double yay!
  • I FINALLY made a cake tasting appointment.
Looking Forward To
  • Finalizing cake
  • Seeing the maids in their dresses in TWO weeks!
  • A bridesmaids lunch while everyone's in town
  • Starting on the wedding party's t-shirts I'm making for the rehearsal.

I'm behind in everything in my life right now. Being sick for a week really took the wind out of my sails. On top of all the wedding stuff and life stuff I'm grouchy and not quite 100% better. I'm hoping that finishing of this bad-but-not-as-bad-as-the-infection antibiotics will straighten me out.

I started out so sure that the cake place in Tampa that I'd heard so much about was "the one" and the downtown one was "plan b". That was before (let me count) 14 collective emails worth of trying unsuccessfully to make a stupid appointment for a tasting. Grrr. On the other hand I left a voice mail for the bakery downtown and got 2 return calls while I was ill. I called Monday and spoke to the owner herself. She was wonderfully pleasant and enthusiastic about all of my requests. So, at this point I don't know if it's even worth a few more emails trying to secure an appointment with the fancy pants Tampa place...

I'm vibrating with excitement because the SOB/OOT BM (sister of the bride/out of town bridesmaid) aka my sister will be here in 2 weeks! Hurray. That means all my lovely, wonderful bridesmaids in one place for a whole week. It wouldn't happen again until the wedding. We'll get dresses ordered and have a bridesmaids’ lunch! Not meat swords. I can't wait for the group photo, yay!

Mike had his birthday last week and hung out with his whole wedding party. They of course did not bring up the wedding at all which is fine because it was his birthday. However, last night when the best man swung by I instructed them to start talking bachelor party. I'm so glad he's not the kind of groom I have to worry about.

Things have fallen waaaaaaay behind with my wedding planning class. So far we've done wedding vibe, budget, and inspiration. This week is vendors. I'm excited to acquire some new skill for choosing and dealing with my "dream team."

211 days!

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