Sunday, August 14, 2011

Matrimonial Motivation

Running of the Brides

Some (a lot) of brides pick a date and a goal weight. They create online tickers counting down the days and the pounds. I, however, have a much longer list of things I needed motivation to get going on. Leave it to a post-surgical, toddler mommy to let herself fall into disrepair I tell ya.

First, (and most important to me) me time. The wedding comes with a whole slew of projects to undertake, details to decide on and people to coordinate. Not one of them has to do with the kids or the house. They are my projects, with input from Groomie-pants of course. I carve out time to meet vendors, shop, craft and email by myself now because I have to. It's great. I'm even taking an e-course in wedding planning which means twice a week Mike puts the kids to bed so I can attend video chats in the quiet living room. It's been really restorative to be in charge of my own stuff again.

As an added bonus of that, it’s done a lot to remind me where Mike and I started and how far we've come. I've always had to share Mike with a kid or two. I'm so grateful for our family and that infancy is behind us, but it's nice to just be a couple instead of parents sometimes. It's romantic to build a day around us as a couple.

Second, there is lots of physical stuff. Making sure I'm eating healthy and gaining back the weight I lost after the back surgery is a big one. I'm happy to report most of my clothes are fitting again. I don't like scales, so I have no idea how much I lost or how much I gained back. I'm not "there yet." I'm sleeping more too (as much more as a toddler allows).

Physical health related stuff is one thing, but there's also the vanity related issues. I have been to the hair dresser a grand total of 5 times in the 3yrs since I got pregnant, pretty darn sad. Since wedding planning I have been every 6-8wks for a trim if needed (keeping the length until the wedding) and highlights. It's nice to look like me again. This also means I'm keeping my eyebrows groomed which makes a huge difference for my prettiness factor. Aside from hair there's the other biggie, teeth. I have been better about dental hygiene in the aftermath of the gaggy pregnancy days. Even more so since Riley's gotten older, but now I'm really on the ball. Brushing, flossing and sleeping with the retainer. On top of all this, I of course plan to see a dentist in the coming months. I also, think I'm going to do some at home bleaching so my smile's shiny for my professional pictures.

Maybe, being selfish is usually frowned on, but I needed a good dose of selfish. I'd been living for Mike and the kids too long. It's nice to find room for the things I want to do too. Also, I'm too young to be frumpy. It's good to get back to feeling pretty.

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