Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just For Fun

Yes, while searching for an image to a not-quite-as-interesting post I found this. I spun my computer around to Mike who said "I love it! Is that rice krispie treats and duct tape? If it's not it should be!".

Puppet proposals? Why not. I don't think the internet makes people more creative I just think it gives creative people a bigger audience. Sigh..proposal videos. Or if you don't have mad Jim Henson skills there's animation :

Fun stuff! While we're on the subject of fun, I'll be assembling my last 10ish save the dates and mailing the would lot out by early next week and publically (as in blogside) announcing our date. As a teaser though I'll share a bit of the date picking process. Weeks ago Mike and I sat with respective lap tops staring at on screen calendars discussing dates we could live with (and were in love with). In the process Mike discover 2012 is a leap year and thought 2/29 would be a good day to tie the knot. That didn't work logistically, but I was curious so I asked "do you want to get married on leap year so we only have to celebrate our anniversary every four years?" Mike answered excitedly "Yeah!" He's such a stinker.

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