Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Everyone Loves A Theme...

I have been looking up "fairy wedding", "fairy bride" and "enchanted forest wedding" for months. Unfortunately, this mainly yielded cheesy images of brides in Tinkerbell inspired dresses and grooms in tights. Not what I envision. Today, I searched "Midsummer Night's Dream wedding" and found this image:

When I saw it I thought "now that's classy looking, even though it's costumes." Boy, was I surprised to read the attached article. It was just downright rude. See for yourself :
Different Perspective

This blogger: Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding, 102 of her readers and I disagree!

It can be done with tremendous beauty, but our wedding will not feature costumes. The only fairy wings will be on the 2yr olds, where I feel they belong. I am inspired by, not re-creating Midsummer. I am offended on these peoples' behalf for all the ugly things that girl said.

Here's the original post and images: Wedding Inspirasi. How anyone can make fun of such beautiful images is beyond me. Philistines!


  1. Does anyones else feel like the uneducated/close minded are always the first to attack appearance? It's below the belt AND irrational.

  2. Bride 1 has problems and is downright mean... not funny like she seems to think. Diana

  3. Oh wow! Bride 1 is a nasty little hateful! Cindi


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