Friday, July 22, 2011

Wrong Again...

I know you're all tired of hearing about the Save the Dates, but it's my blog and thus I vent. Before I get into it (forgive me if I've told you this already) I want to share something that made me laugh. We ordered 10 magnets as a test to make sure they were right before we bought the rest. I made a note on my calendar on the day they were supposed to arrive. On the message boards Save the Dates are commonly abbreviated STDs. Well, I wrote "STD test" on my calendar! I realized what it said laughed until I cried and then scratched it out and wrote "test magnets." Whoops! When I posted my little funny on a message board a mother of another bride responded that she had thoughtlessly sent an email saying "the rhinestones and tassels have shipped." After she sent it she realized it sounded like they were outfitting strippers rather than making table number and place cards. Hee, hee.

So, I paid rush shipping on the magnets and they came in as promised today. I was still kind of glowy from my meeting yesterday, but the magnets burst my bubble. They were still cut off on the bottom! The frame around the image has the important info on it so this is a huge deal. I was so frustrated!

I asked Mike to fix it and order more since I want them to go out next week. He shook his head and said something to the effect of "we've got plenty of time." I lost it. I insisted it was life or death that they go out next week. It is in reality crucial that we send them soon, but we probably have a window of two-ish weeks or so before we're in trouble. The other thing was I wanted to get them out and get the reactions to some of my unconventional choices over with. The longer we wait the longer I imagine the back lash. The anticipation is almost more stressful than the reaction will be. Mike said he would take a look at why the bottom was cut of this weekend, but I was pretty upset by then.

I told him we should scrap the whole thing. I told him I'd just do a simple one (like I wanted to from the beginning) and be down with it. After I calmed down we realized the we had enough for the out of towners for the most part. I'd just cut and assemble them anyway. I'd send them to people flying in with a note explaining what the cut off part said.

Simple enough? Well, 8.5 out of the 10 were destroyed in the cutting process. Good thing they weren't right. I have one and a half usable (but cut off) finished save the date. Sigh, we ordered 40 more after Mike "fixed the problem" and then realized exactly where we went wrong. Vista Print lists their large magnets as being 5.59 x 4.33, but the actual size is 5.47 X 4.21 (because of the bleed). This explained our cut off image and why my cutter keeps cutting my magnet poetry wrong. Whoops!

Hopefully, we'll do better with the next 40...


  1. You should post where you got this picture from and maybe even a link back to my site since you're using my bandwidth and she's my daughter.

  2. I'm sorry! The orginal photo used in this post was from: It was a picture of her very adorable daughter upset. I'm replacing it now since I used it without permission. I get a little carried away image searcingh sometimes. I apologize.

  3. It's now a picture of my daughter from her first Christmas.


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