Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bridenity, As It Were

I am a Disney princess, ballerina fairy. I am also, incredibly decisive and open about my opinions. I want to be girly without being fussy on my day. I want my day to be themed from start to finish. It has to be memorable and surprising. Not in a Hunted House sense, but in a "that's so Katie!" way.

Knowing what I want means that I want to make sure that I get it. I need to oversee and foresee all that will come to pass, until the day of when I will happily hand over control to my day of coordinator. I will have made a million lists, sent hundreds of emails and planned for every contingency. That is how I function. I love planning an event and I hate working my own party away.

Being hands on and crafty works well with wedding planning. I am obsessively asking 1)Is this worth my time and energy? 2)Do we need this? 3)What will I do with that after the wedding? Hand making 86 folding program fans, for example is a be fat no. We'll be paying someone to do it or changing the format. After the wedding all the guests can fan themselves through the hot, hot summer and think of us.

Save the dates are a MUST I have family and friends who are as good as all over the country. They need a heads up to make plans and save pennies. This is not handmade, it's something a bride posted on the DIY wedding board asking how to duplicate. This is what mine might have looked like if I had a less involved groom. Cute, right?

Fortunitly or not, (depending on the day) I have a groomzilla. He is involved, critical and down right over dramatic about a lot of the details. Sometimes he's initially impassioned and then completely apathetic after the fact. So, when I said I just wanted a simple magnet save the date he had other ideas. Actually, I really did get him going by saying "I want it to be funny. They'll be looking at it for a long time." That got his wheels turning.

First, he wanted a countdown to the wedding with "jokes or something." Then it turned into "something interactive." I objected to the dial that reveals information format because it would be to time consuming to assemble and awkward to mail. We pressed on a decided to do magnetic poetry style. I picture a grid of magnets that broke apart with Shakespeare quotes and one piece that didn't break apart with our info. Simple right?

Not good enough for Mike. He doesn't really do simple. He changed the design so that there's a background image surrounded by a frame with the info on it and the magnetic Shakespeare quotes are arranged on top. That way you'll have a pretty framed image after you pull off the words and write poems on your fridge.
Here's your preview, this is the image we picked before we edited out the weird face in the tree.

When the design was finished this afternoon I breathed a long sigh of relief at how well it had come to fruition thus far. We discussed uploading it to a site to print for us before we(ehm, Mike) got all fancy, but now we have to hand assemble these puppies. On the bright side I talked Mike into investing in a Pazzle(cricut-esque cutter, but fancier). Hurray! It's going to be a life saver during this process and far, far beyond.

I promise that as soon as they are assembled and sent I will post all the details, but for now let's just say all those receiving them will be pleased. Speaking of those receiving save the dates I've added impending babies and new wives to the guest list and sent out pleas for addresses today. Have a Happy 4th of July weekend and then respond, folks (or I will stalk you.)

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