Monday, July 4, 2011

DIY Bride

I adore crafts and doing projects for myself rather than the kids. I am lucky to have an in house artist to collaberate with. I love DIY so much I bought two used copies of DIY Bride books online. I love crafts so much I'm getting a very nice cutter to facilitate all my wedding needs and beyond. I need some things to be mine from start to finish (and some for $$ reasons), but there are limits. I have said no to hand making folding program fans, a cake server, wedding party shirts (although I am designing them) and a few others. My list is still rather daunting though. I found this chart today, which really summed it up:


  1. wow, you are one organized lady. you amaze me with your plans.

  2. Follow it every time, Katie. You'll find what you have time for and what you can leave to others... Happy Wedding!


  3. This is AWESOME! I'm going to show this to my husband!


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