Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Like Christmas Around Here!

I can't tell you how stressful planning an event this size can be. It brings out the worst in people (often when you least expect it), but I want to talk about the other side of things. Sometimes stressful events in your life really show you who your friends are. I, for one feel really loved by all the offers of help and support so far.

These kind folks do things that span the gamut from keeping their eye out for deals and emailing me links all the way to hosting major wedding related events. I am equally grateful to all of them for their help in all the ways they give it. Some days just offering an ear and retaining a sense of humor has been a lifesaver. Even getting a lively response to a wedding related Facebook status is a helpful thing some days. It makes me feel like I have my own cheering section (again it's often where I least expect it) or at least makes me consider my opinion from other angles.

On top of the love and support aimed my way there are other sources of joy in this process. I'm so happy with my frienders and vendors so far. What an all star team, truly. Everyone is on the ball and on board to realize our vision to the best of their considerable abilities. I'm so pleased and again, I feel very supported. Of course I couldn't mention all star teams without specifically thanking my bridesmaids, you guys are amazing. I may have upset some people and made some not to perfect decisions up until now, but picking my girl was absolutely an A+. Go team!

As if that weren't enough there's the actual presents from me. Oh, the packages! I ordered lanterns online and I was thrilled when they came. The save the dates are due tomorrow and I can't wait. Even small stuff like the swatch for my dress is a thrill for me. Who doesn't love non-bill mail.

Here's hoping there's as much (or more) bright side than dark time in the months ahead. Thank, you one and all way to get involved and make a girl feel loved.

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