Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Hotdogs

When Isaac was younger he was the ring bearer in his aunt's wedding. It can be difficult trying to get a 6yr old boy excited about a wedding. Mike and I showed him videos of ring bearers on you tube and told him what an important job it was. He was impressed, but not truly excited.

Until one day he asked:
What happens at a wedding?
Well, they'll promise to be together forever and give each other rings.
Is that it?
No, after that there will be a big party.
Oh! With cake?
Yes, there will be a cake, but no candles.
Will there be hotdogs? (he says hotdogs like it's something amazing)
(I found the thought of wedding hotdogs hilarious. It took me a minute to stop laughing) No, buddy, but there will be other food. People don't usually eat hotdogs at weddings.
Why not!
Well, they just don't and beside they are vegetarians.

More than once when discussing catering I thought of wedding hotdogs and smiled. We are (I'm sure to some 6yr olds chagrin) not having hotdogs. We decided to look into (duh!) seeing if our favorite restaurant, which happens to be next door to our venue, would serve our favorite dishes. We had assumed we couldn't afford them and then, low and behold they were more reasonable than a catering company.

Carrabba's will be serving chicken bryan and sirloin marsala along with sides, salad and bread buffet style. They're also serving chicken fingers with pasta as a side for the kiddos. They have been amazing to deal with and I absolutely can not wait! It's a very good example of not getting yourself all caught up in the "wedding box." Sometimes you have to open your mind to hit on the obvious choice.


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