Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Deal

Other People's Weddings: Sandy and Joe

Now, I loved this wedding and part of it was that it gave me an excuse to break several months of bed rest to be there. I was so glad to make it out and it wasn't a moment too soon because I gave birth to Riley the next day!

It was downtown in the Lyceum (a historical old building that used to be a library/lecture hall) and inside for a change! Howdy, air conditioning the hormonal and pregnant salute you. I also have to say I wore my bridesmaids dress from Lara and Daniel's wedding mostly because it's pretty and a little because it was the only thing that fit! So, way to go Lara you actually picked a dress that could and did get worn again.

The bride looked stunning in a Demetrios gown. She wore her hair down in soft curls. She was breathtaking which was expected, but considering she lost a dear love one that morning, quite the accomplishment.

A friend of the couple preformed a brief and meaningful ceremony against the backdrop of the beautiful proscenium arch. After which there was a cocktail hour downstairs in the lounge. There were tons of hor derves. I haven't got the foggiest whether it was an an open bar (I was 8mo pregnant), but everyone seemed in a party mood. The staff was super accommodating and even though it was an old building they managed to get me where I needed to be just fine.

There was music playing during cocktail hour, I think. Nothing that disrupted all the conversation. I was happily eating and aside from a few rambunctious under dressed children I had a very pleasant time despite being it being the eve of Riley's birth.

I did stop eating long enough to take some pictures with Mike in the photo booth. I have to say those are some of my all time favorite pictures of us. They gave us two copies of the four photos and a clear frame to hold them. Mine are still (almost two years later) displayed on my desk.

The reception was held in the same room as the ceremony. It really is a cool old building. Dinner was great, again plenty of food (which is a big compliment from a hugely pregnant guest). I remember their first dance was to a slow acoustic version of Happy Together which was just one of many unique music choices. It was a fun night.

Probably a little too fun because about 12hours later I was having a baby. It was soooo worth it! Thank you, Deals.

Warning: Having Too Much Fun May Result in Labor


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