Friday, July 8, 2011

A Woman's Prerogative

What's that you say? Enough about the boring and practical, let's have a dress update. The status of the dress is complicated. You see, I thought I was all set in that department had a clear idea of where alterations were headed and the ball was rolling. As it turns out, I changed my mind.

I have a long list of practical and emotional reasons for doing so, but in the end I just changed my mind. I no longer want to make this:

Into something more like this:

It's a beautiful dress. It's what I thought I wanted 4 years ago, but not now. It's so formal and heavy. It's conservative and just not different enough for me. The idea of two dresses so that I could keep the original and still use my wheelchair was exciting, but ultimately didn't sit right with me. It's a Midsummer Night's Dream themed fairy infused botanical garden wedding. As I picked out headpieces and jewelry I realized they didn't go with my dress. That is not an outdoor fairy-esque dress. I don't think any amount of alterations could make it something it's not.

I want something light and flowy. Something less restricting and likely to trip me. Something I can easily sit or stand in. Something like this:

I love the messy two toned layers in the skirt. Now this exact dress is well beyond my means and discontinued by the designer. I have been searching sites where you can find used wedding dresses and looking around in general for something similar. The problem is it's so different that there is nothing similar. So, I enlisted help and polled the DIY boards looking for suggestions. I even contacted some costume designers. I'm sure now and absolutely in love so I'll figure out how to have my dream dress (for Waaaaaaaay less), mark my words.


  1. I heart your new dress goal, big time - GORG. Just sayin. :) Alyssa

  2. The new dress is awesome... Cindi

  3. Yes, it really is. Now if only I had a time machine and a winning lotto ticket...


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