Monday, July 25, 2011

We Have Lift Off!

My to-do's are shrinking with every vendor we book. Today was the one I'd been looking forward to most, the photographer! I could barely sleep last night for excitement. It felt like Christmas. I'd been pouring over this man's beautiful pictures for years and now I was going to meet him.

You know how brides fall in love with the first dress they try on and refuse to believe it could really be the one? They try on more dresses and ultimately none can measure up and then in the end they buy the first one. That's how it was for me and my photographer. Years ago when we started planning I was on the local knot board and someone gave him a glowing review. I looked at and bookmarked his site back then.

When I came back to wedding planning for real I remembered that I had wanted this guy, but it couldn't possibly be that simple. Could it? I researched (looked at galleries online, read reviews on the knot and wedding wire and sometimes emailed) about 15 or so photographers. I Narrowed it down to 5 choices, but he was still #1. Out the 5 two were amazing and about a $1,000 over my max budget so they were out. Another one never replied to my email so she was out too. That only left two.

In the narrowing down process you do start to feel very self important. It's easy to see were people could easily take it to a dark place. For me it more like working again and hiring employees or better yet being a team captain at PE class and picking the best team mates. I hated PE and I was never picked any sooner than dead last, but I digress. This decision was the most crucial he or she would document everyone else's work and my day so I could keep it forever. BIG DECISION.

In the end I went with the one I loved first because he had the best deal. Flat rate for 10hrs of coverage. When I typed that I heard Don't Wanna Miss A Thing playing in my head! No purchase requirements at all. He comes and takes pretty pictures all day and when the proofs are up I can decided what I want to buy. Makes sense to me. My second choice would have covered 4hrs at a discounted rate and cost more per hour (plus who wants they're second choice?).

His name is Jason Angelini he's been a photogrpher for over 8yrs and shooting weddings for 4ish years. He told me he's about to hit 500 weddings. Here's his website: Jason Angelini Photography

Love this. And...


My favorite.
And so many, many more. Hurray! We have a place, a date, a time, a meal, a florist and a photographer. That's everything that needed to be figured out now. In the next few weeks the guests will get their save the dates and can start tasting some cakes.


  1. How cool is the photog you wanted being the one you actually got.

  2. I know! It's kind of romantic.

  3. Yippi..hooray...I was thinking you should be a wedding do such a great job! If I was getting married I'd hire you! Cindi

  4. I agree I need to be making money on my amazing wedding planning talents. On the other hands brides can be hard to handle...I'd plan any party happily, but I like kids birthday parties the best low stakes, lot's of theme.

  5. I was impressed as well. He's exellent, experienced at your venue, and has a great sense of humor. Also very professional. Love his work. Love his creativity, even after over 400 weddings. Congrats on a great choice.


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