Sunday, July 3, 2011

Attacking the Guest List

With the design for the save the dates finished it was time to revisit the guest list. I needed to add impending babies and spouses and substract duplicates or C-listers. I needed to prune it into a neat orgainzed, workable, list. I needed to get addresses so once these silly save the dates are done they can hit the mail.

I got excited watching the number go down as I deleted the cousin I added twice by mistake and some people who didn't make the cut, but it went right back up again. I had a ceremony guest list and a reception list originally so I could leave the whole list intact and make all made edits on the other one until it was done. Even though I had "add guests to reception" checked, suddenly the lists were off by four people. I had to scroll through one page at a time looking for differences. After they both reflected the same number (well above our orginal hopes, but still on the small wedding side of things). I then proceeded just for fun to add all the in town female guests to the bridal shower list and discovered one of my bridal party was missing. Worse than that it was Mike's sister! When I was editing I remember finding a duplicate (one under madien name, one married) and I most have deleted the household. Oops! Once everyone was accounted for and the list was orginized I tackled trying to get missing addresses.

I love typing in the address and getting my little green check marks. Martha's guest list program only gives you a check mark for complete addresses as I discovered when I left a number off of a zip code. So far if I divide the number of guests by missing addresses I still have a B. At this moment there are 6 missing addresses. I have emailed all of them a request for the info and am hoping everyone will check their email after the holiday.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm glad you realized I was missing, I would have been pretty sad if I thought I wouldn't get an invite to your bridal shower!

  2. You were missing from the entire wedding! One of my bridesmaids didn't get invited, wouldn't really work.


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