Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Have A Concensus!

Not on the date, sorry. Although, if it will help matters we've narrowed it down to four possibilities: March 3rd, March 10th, March 24th or April 14th. The remaining April option is my first choice (unless St. Patrick's Day suddenly becomes available, a girl can dream). We've decided on a save the date format!

We were toying with the idea of a wheel and window thing something like this, but magnetic:

In the end, it seemed too complicated. Beyond that I feared for its durability and how easily it would mail. We decided to do something in the style of magnetic poetry instead:

We wouldn't ask the recipient to cut it apart though. The whole magnet will break apart into individual words. Ours will be from Shakespearian quotes, mainly Midsummer Night's Dream. On an irregular size square we'll have the important info non-break-apart-able. Viola!

I get my simple magnetic save the date and Mike's gets something interactive and as an added bonus it goes with the theme. My first task is sussing out which quotes to use, that are both appropriate and will provide the best poetry fodder. After which point Mike and I will design the background. Neither of us wants to use a picture of us especially since it'll be broken apart. Hopefully, by the time that's done the date will be set. Then we will price out hand making them or submitting our design to Vista Print. I have a feeling the latter will be more cost effective.

I'll post pictures once we have a prototype and then again once the final product has been mailed.


  1. You guys are too awesome for your own good ; )
    Jessica Heinerth


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