Friday, June 10, 2011

Dress Update: Making the Dress Work for You

Remember this bodice with all the sprinkles? It was pretty over embellished in my opinion. I loved the swirly bit that reminds me of a Celtic knot, but it was over crowded. Before:

Here's the front as designed by Alfred Angelo

Here's the back as Designed by Alfred Angelo

So, for anyone who thinks you can't have a custom dress I say $75 designer dress (from Goodwill) plus gentle application of exact-o knife. Brace yourself, here's what it looks like now:

Here's the front as re-designed by the bride and de-sprinkled (1/2 way) by my future sister in law.

Here's the back as re-designed by the bride and de-sprinkled by my FSIL.

So much better, right. Told you not to worry, Mom. We have plans to add some color in some where too. It's going to be beautiful and just wait until we get through with the skirt!


  1. very cool!!! Sarah E.

  2. beautiful! Loving it! Emily

  3. Looking good! Cindi

  4. I can not wait to see the dress when it is done!

  5. Absolutly Beautiful. You were right.

  6. Can I say Stunning, breathtaking.

  7. I LOVED it before and it's still beautiful after your handy work.....can't wait to see it complete:) Cathy

  8. this Alfred Angelo wedding gown is breathtaking and stunning! I like it!!! can't wait to see it complete. great work...


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