Thursday, June 16, 2011

Umbrellas on the Beach

Other People's Weddings: Dad and Joanne

It was the second marriage for them both so they kept it simple. They chose a June wedding on the beach. I believe there were ten of us including the officiant and the bride and groom. It ended up being a stormy day and we were a small group huddled under umbrellas on the beach. After their intimate ceremony we drove over to a restaurant and all had dinner together.

I loved the intimacy of the small group. I thought sharing umbrellas only made it more so. I don't remember any of the words they spoke, but I remember feeling moved and a good bit of laughter. I think the laughter had something to do with wet sand complications during the sand ceremony. I also liked Joanne's dress. I have a picture of it, but I'm on a loaner computer for now. It was a short white dress with a subtle red floral design. My dad wore a Hawaiian shirt with dress pants. It was very beachy causal.

I remember that it was a pretty nice restaurant we went to, but nothing about the food. I'm sure it was good. I'm pretty open minded myself and I knew their wedding would be low key, but when dinner ended and everyone left I felt sad. There had been no cake, no dancing, no happy send off. They spent their honeymoon at a hotel on the beach within walking distance of the restaurant so a send off wasn't necessary. I'm sure my dad was more than relieved not to have a first dance. I just felt like I wanted more wedding stuff.

I don't think hospitable weather would have made it any better. I have a feeling it was exactly the day they both pictured. No fuss. Just a meaningful exchange of vows and dinner with friends. Small weddings definitely give you a sense of being a VIP. It was also the first wedding Mike and I went to together so it's a warm fuzzy memory.

Sweet Small Seaside Ceremony

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