Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ready, Set, Stall...

Today we attempted to get the fabric for a test dress from the flower girl pattern and supplies for our interactive, magnetic save the dates. I had been fretting over the mechanics of the save the date so long I hadn't even considered what they would actually say. It occurred to me last night I didn't need the right words because Shakespeare's would do nicely. Enchanted fairy forest wedding inspired by Midsummer Night's Dream should include a word from The Bard here and there.

While we were prowling the overcrowded aisles of Joann's discussing things like what color brads to use, etc the air conditioner came on. I remember that is was loud and then very dramatically the power went out. They sent us to the front of the store and then encouraged us in no uncertain terms to leave our stuff and get the heck out. Jerks.

I came home empty handed. I decided instead to work on t-shirts for the wedding party. I'll post pictures when they're done. I considered painting champagne flutes for the wedding, but Mike explained how complicated a process it was and I opted to buy some on Etsy. Something like these:

I'm thinking pretty champagne flutes for the maids and beer mugs with initials for the men. Something like this:

I want everyone in the wedding party to have some kind of glass with their name on it to take home. I may do a good old, custom Etsy order.

As for the shirts I can't finish them until we decide our Bests and Of Honors, so I'm just getting a start on them. I'm designing them and having them silk screened. I also want to do some fun kids cups for the kids table. I think we have ten-ish kids on the guest list. If anyone has a suggestion for those, let me know. I'm thinking something with lids and straws since they'll be dressed up.

Also, I've decided not to buy the metal lanterns and distress them, but to press on looking for rustic wooden ones. The metal ones are more budget friendly, but after copious internet research I'm not happy with the unpredictable nature of distressed metal. I'm thinking I'd like two lanterns (four if it's a great deal). I'd love help finding those too (if anyone's still reading).

More crafty stuff, dress updates and vender discussion to come as soon as the date drama is resolved, I promise.

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