Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DIY and Family Ties

Other People's Weddings: Lara & DJ

Lara and Daniel were married on May 15th, the anniversary of the brides' grandparents' wedding. They had an outdoor ceremony officiated by the bride's uncle and an indoor reception catered by another of the bride's uncles. The bride did a lot of DIY projects as well as incorporating family for her big day.

She and her mother altered her gown themselves in the style of Monique Lhuilier. It was breath taking. The bride hand painted the invitations with water colors and the bride's mother drew custom maps to accompany them. The bride also made the flower girl dresses. The couple exchanged wedding bands that had once belonged to the bride's parents.

The six month planning period was a restart of planning that had started years before. The bride decided to set priorities rather than a budget for her wedding with 75 guests at the St. Petersburg Woman's Club. For example, she asked five different friends to snap pictures instead of hiring a professional and ended up with hundreds of beautiful shots.

Some of her plans derailed during the chaos on the day of. Several items didn't make it to the venue including her veil that had to be replaced last minute. Her DIY photo booth that did make it to the venue was never set up, but overall the event ran smoothly. She shined in her gown and was very pleased with her vegetarian reception spread. I was pregnant at the time and one of my only complaints would have been not enough food. I suppose feeding 75 guests on a budget, without meat is tricky.

The bride's only regret was not designating an MC for the evening to keep things moving along and make sure the appropriate MP3 was playing. She also speculated that having a day of coordinator would have lightened her load quite a bit. Having one person checking in instead a handful would have made it more relaxing for her. I agree on both points whole heartedly! When the ceremony ended Lara changed out of her gown and into jeans and begun cleaning up her own wedding! I don't think that should ever be the case. A little delegation would have gone a long way towards ending the evening in bridal glow rather then cleaning lady style.

They started their lives together surrounded by things they made themselves and in the company of loving and actively participating friends and family.

A Family Affair


  1. Love the new entry! A few things to update: The dress was modeled after a Claire Pettibone gown called the Kaelyn (link to a used version for 3,600 dollars is attached: ), there wasn't a full dinner sized amount of food cause the invites said "wedding reception: cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to follow" since I knew I could spend a lot more on fancy signature cocktails and whatnot if I didn't have to accomodate a full sit down menu. Plus, I wanted the wedding to be about the celebration, the talking, reconnecting, and dancing, not so much the food. I think that's a personal thing, and it's different for everyone. The rings were originally my parents, but we took the diamond off my mom's ring and made it a necklace for her (important that she keep the first diamond ever gifted to her) and we picked out an antique ring from the twenties (cruelty free diamond cause it's recycled!) and had our jeweler friend put the antique setting onto my mom's ring. I didn't mind cleaning up after, there were people who tried to dissuade me, but I considered it a symbolic gesture towards my new marriage, I'd be there for the good and the bad, the fun and the boring, the sweet and the messy. : )

  2. I was in the neighborhood with the designer, but now that you say it I'm smacking my head because I totally knew that! I was pregnant so I was a little food obsessed at the time. I wish you had pictures of you at the end of the night with your hair and makeup all pretty cleaning up in your jeans, that's a memory.
    Also, I mean all my comments as reflections on how I'd do it differently (now that it's finally my turn) not as any critism of your day. My back would not tolerate a cermony and reception and then cleanup I'd spend the whole honeymoon in bed in the un-fun way (:

  3. I love this blog! This was a beautiful description of a beautiful wedding. Lara, lets start a club-the BridesDonningJeansAndCleaningUpAfter club. Thats how we roll. Now I have guilt, though. I'm sorry I didn't help make sure that photo... booth went up! But the props were great entertainment for the little people set. As someone who was recently preggers myself at that event, my only regret is not getting preggers AFTER so that I could enjoy the cocktails :o)Rebekah

  4. That would be an awesome club! You where super woman that day, Bekah and not "for a pregnant woman" super woman. Isaac rocked the hat from the photo booth props the whole wedding! I thought we were going to have to buy him a fedora! (:

  5. I had to clean up after my reception, cause it was at my home. I would change that if I ever get married again. Id like to be whisked away to a honeymoon. Someday...

  6. Thanks Katie! And Lara was so calm and together that day. She was the complete opposite of a bridezilla. And so lovely! I was just remembering how adorable it was when she and Mike took to the dance floor for "Great Balls of Fire", and he sang the words "I want to love you like a brother should"! Rebakah


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