Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project Dress, Overwhelmed Bride

I went out in search of a second dress for the reception. Something short and pretty. Mike (who thought "everyone had two dresses.") asked I keep to a budget, but I was sure that wouldn't be a problem. So, Friday Lara and I hit a thrift store I'd never been to just to "see if they had anything I could use".

You won't believe me, but lightening struck twice. It wasn't a sample dress this time it was pre-worn, but it was beautiful! I walked right over and said that one. This time it was 75% off so it was well within budget at $30! Unlike last time it wasn't one size too big, but many, many sizes larger than my frame.

Here's the tulle spilling out of the dressing room:

Pay no attention to the dress beneath the curtain! And speaking of The Wizard of Oz don't I look like G'linda?

Ballerina Pose!

It's a whole lot of dress!

So, the plan is to separate the bodice from the skirt and then shorten the skirt. There's no way to make the bodice fit so we'll have to decide whether to use the bodice from the other dress or find a new one. In the mean time we have yards and yards of tulle for the flower girl dresses! I also, found a pattern for those so the "test dress" should be underway in the next two weeks. Hurray!

Here's something like what I'm looking for with dress number two, if only everyone could afford Vera Wang...

Simple, suggestive of a ballerina without looking like a recital costume.

Not as frilly up top as this, but this length or a touch longer so I can sit.

Overall I'm thrilled that both dresses are underway, but when you basically start from scratch the possibilities can be overwhelming. It seems like it would be liberating and for the most part I have a clear idea of what I want, but every time I decide on a detail, I worry. Now I have two wedding dresses worth of decisions to make. The main issue now is the bodice of the second dress. It seemed like a no brainer to use the bodice from the first dress. That was until I picked a very white dress for my second dress. My first dress is ivory and when you lay the fabric next to each other it looks yellow. Lara offered to darken the white fabric with tea to match, but I felt uneasy.

I was already tearing this beautiful dress to pieces. If I had that machine from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids I would shrink it down and shorten the skirt and be perfectly happy. Beggars can't be choosers and so we will use the skirt taken in and up. The rest will be used for flower girl dresses. Breath in, breath out one decision at a time. I hope it all turns out as beautiful as I imagine it. I guess I can understand why those rich girls on Say Yes to the Dress are always such a basket case when they go for their fittings.


  1. What about making the skirt a totally differnet color rather than trying to match it to the bodice?

  2. We did talk about dying it green

  3. I don't understand the second dress for the reception... you should be celebrating in the wedding dress you wore down the aisle... especially if you're on a budget. That's jus my opinion. Nedi

  4. I can't sit in my wheelchair in the full skirt. Also, this dress gives us all the fabric for the two flower girl dresses. Not exactly wasteful spending. I wounldn't even have considered a 2nd dress before the back surgery (or even I hadn't already bought the first one), but I have to be able to use the chair.

  5. Not to mention, thirty dollars is hardly wasteful spending. I think I spend more than that on dinner with my husband at TGIFridays- Lara


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