Friday, June 17, 2011

And Then What?

A few things occurred to me recently not the least of which is: I need a way to sit during the ceremony that doesn't look stupid in pictures. As I was cutting up a wedding magazine that was still kicking around from last winter I saw a picture of a bride and groom sitting in white monogrammed directors chairs. That's the answer. Something like the first picture in this slide show:

Boundless Photos

I like it because it won't cover the whole back of my dress, my actor roots, it's super portable and I'll use it after the wedding. Don't you love those photos? I wish I were in the UK. I like the groomsmen reflected in the sunglasses and the wedding dress with the bridesmaids dress hung in a row, among others.

The other issue on my mind recently is our not so insignificant height difference. It used to be annoying to reach Mike or dance with him, but ever since the metal rod in the back it is painful. I had originally thought I would get a small stool and put my dress over it to hide it. That was fine until I landed on a short dress for the reception. I'm still stumped on this one. I want something just high enough, not like a step ladder or anything that won't be ugly in pictures. I figure Mike may not be the only person it would be more comfortable to dance with from a more reasonable height. Also, I'll find use for it after the wedding for sure.

That's very much where my mind is right now. What will I do with it after the wedding? Second bouquet, nah. Guest book? When would I ever look at that? I should order green champagne flutes. Wait, what the heck would I do with 80ish green champagne flute afterwards? Never mind.

It led me to a great idea though. We talked about how people have had guest book tables or wish tree stations, etc and everyone ends up crowding them and you feel pressure to come up with something witty and get out of there. About a month ago Mike suggested we leave postcards on the table for people to write well wishes on at there convenience. I loved it and pictured big ribbon boards for guests to deposit them on the way out.

I was still thinking that was the way we'd go until I saw this idea in Martha Stewart Weddings for a guest book quilt:

We'd have a box of fabric on each table in different colors and patterns and fabric markers. Everyone could write or draw us a message, even the kids. In the end they'd all get sewn into a quilt. Cute and useful! I am sold on this one. So, look forward to that, friends and family. Also, if my out of town folks can't make it I can send them a piece of fabric to sign (much cheaper postage than mailing a whole book).

Hurray! On to bigger and more pressing problems (and the continuing stool search). Ten-ish months and counting...

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