Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Toss: Garter Version Revised

Some time around the 14th century, wedding guests used to believe pieces of a bride's wedding dress was lucky. So much so, that they'd just help themselves tearing off pieces here and there. Can you imagine? Over the centuries the groom started tossing the garter to appease the crowd.

Aside from general good luck apparently if a man gave the garter to his love she'd be faithful forever. Again, I think the bouquet and garter tossing traditions are fun. Although, I had to wrack my brain to think of unmarried guests and am now considering a short dress for the reception. How high do you wear those things anyway?

Here's the one I originally liked:

The lace is in the pattern of the Celtic Love Knot.

I found myself thinking, "I guess I'll order two. One to keep and one to throw." Really, what the heck would I do with it after the wedding? It doesn't seem like I'd have a lot of occasions to wear it.

I also like:

The more think about it, it will just never do to single out our very few single guests for this. I think we'll call all the men up for a shot at the "lucky" garter. Everyone could use a little luck. One magazine I read suggested making a bouquet out of lottery tickets or gift cards to throw. I think attaching a prize will motivate a fun competitive spirit especially among the guys who don't necessarily long to be the next to marry.

Either way I will NOT be making the garter catcher and bouquet catcher do anything more than pose for a picture together. Although, I wonder if the people who did the catching at wedding ever ended up married? It'd be a romantic story to tell later. Now that I say that it is kind of the plot of Picture Perfect.

However, Mike's parents wedding was responsible for three other marriages so maybe there is something to taking a piece of luck and love home with you however intangible. I myself was a participant in at least 3 bouquet tosses. I never caught a single one, but I did get knocked on my ass every single time.


  1. You can definitely make a garter, but just so you know: The bottom picture is a store bought green garter with embellishments added to it. That's much easier, faster, and will cost about the same material wise. Either way, it'll be super fun to choose your own details to add to it. Just make sure it'll still easy stretch. They are worn high enough on your thigh to be hidden by even your short dress, but you want to make sure Michael can slide the garter off your leg smoothly. Can you imagine if some stitches held the elastic too tight and he was at your knees tugging and yanking as all your bachelor guests looked on? Eep! Maybe that's why I chickened out as to the whole garter thing. Daniel has a LOT of single friends, and they are very, um, vocal...

  2. Wow, you changed the second garter pic! I'm so happy you decided to go the "lucky" route. It'll be a lot of fun. I caught the bouquet at a wedding that occuredless than a year before mine (so I guess it worked) but I don't recall there being a garter toss.

  3. I think we'll give everyone a shot and whoever catches it gets a gift card. If they want to be the next to marry it couldn't hurt.


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