Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fitting into the Dress

At the risk of everyone hating me forever I have an atypical weight issue as I approach my wedding. In the time since I bought the dress I've been through a lot. Pregnancy, breastfeeding for 13mo, not one but two surgeries and all the ensuing stress caused my body to change shape several times. I happen to be a small person naturally, but when I'm stressed my appetitive is the first to go. I go into survival mode and become super low maintenance. That coupled with how much work it is for me to get around means I burn a lot of calories.

I accept that most people reading this hate me, but I did some research and I'm not the only one. As a matter of fact I'm in royal company. According to this article the prince's bride had the same issue. I know there are more of us out there feeling guilty for not being stress eaters, but we sit mute and frustrated feeling guilty.

In the years since trying on my dress the first time I've lost weight and apparently my bust. So, being that I'm a commoner who can't afford a nutritionist to advise me on weight gain I am trying to go the common sense route. More carbs, more meals and more rest. That part is tricky. I have a lot going on right now it's hard to be still.

I'm afraid you can in fact be too thin. Here's first time I tried on the dress:

Summer 2008
The dress was a size too big, but it was close. It seemed meant to be that I found it. Here's my dress fitting last week:

Wondering if it was this loose up top before.

Checking to make sure I'm in there somewhere.

Yesterday, Mike asked if I wanted a milkshake and I said "I have to." I'm not gorging myself. I'm just trying to take in more calories so I don't burn them all. I would hate to look like this on the wedding day:

Alterations and proper undergarments will help, but I want to be at the weight I was in 2008 again. I like how I look there. I'm not such a fan of the Olive Oil clone in the other pictures. I just thought it would be nice if someone with this issue said it out loud. I'm not looking for pity, but I will gladly except pie!


  1. Have you tried increasing your protein? Try some Cliff/Luna bars and/or protein shakes in between meals. Good luck. :)-Alyssa

  2. I hadn't thought much about protien because I'm a big meat eater, but that's a good idea. So far I've been snacking with Riley between meals crackers or yougert mostly.

  3. We DON'T hate you...everyone has weight issues in one form or another. You will look beautiful regardless of how much you weigh. Guests will be looking @ your happy face not the size of you ta-ta's. Besides, like you said, alterations and a nice padded push-up bra will do the trick! In the meantime..bring on the milkshakes!!!

  4. Katie, I think you look wonderful! Yet it's so refreshing in a world where everyone is dieting and going to extreme measures to be thin, you are talking about the other side, trying to gain weight. Both my mom and sister have struggled over the years with comments about how they are too skinny and they should eat something. I think that's just as awful as hearing that you're too fat and you should eat less (let's just say I'm not like my mom and sister). I think at the end of the day you should feel comfortable in your skin and I'm glad that you are taking healthy measures to get there. Best of luck w/ the wedding!

  5. Milkshakes, girl! It's how Rene Zellweger gained weight to be a pleasantly plump Bridgett Jones. It's also how I got so fat when I was preggers with Jack. Let the grown-ups eat protien bars...give us milkshakes!!

  6. Protein shakes are good - you don't want to gain fat, just weight.-Phil

  7. You look beautiful in your dress!

  8. I really appreciate the support guys! Thanks Claire.

  9. #1.I love you. #2.I can totally relate, to the weight thing and people hating you for it. You know this. #3. Find some nuts you like and snack on those all throughout the day, also avocados, and just add lots of olive oil to EVERYTHING you eat/cook! Thats what i do. And for emergency weight gain fast...I just eat a box of donuts. But i have a donut problem, I wouldn't recommend that.
    You look beautiful in your dress! Its a beautiful dress, I don't think i had seen it before this.

  10. Gorgeous dress, protein shakes, wonderful wedding to a fabulous soul mate... it’s all good. Best Wishes.

  11. Thanks Jess! I think the donut thing is genetic because I love them too. Make a note to have some around the morning of the wedding.

  12. Thanks Lynda, it'll be a lot more gorgous when it fits.


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