Monday, June 27, 2011

Capable Hands

I have entrusted the rather daunting task of altering my dresses to my future Mother and sister in law. I never learned to sew. I've been working to correct that shortcoming, but so far I'm only cofident enough to make puppets and pillows for the kids. Years ago, when I found my dress the first phone call I made was to tell Lara to get her butt down to Goodwill.

She found her dress that day too:

She snatched up this designer sample from a boutique that went out of business for a cool $70.

Here's the dress on her:

A close-up of the lace:

The top and sleeves:

The train

It was the right silhouette and the lace was pretty, but what she wanted was this:

A beautiful Claire Pettibone design with lots of lace and sleeves that seem to float unattached to the dress. She and her mother worked six months altering her dress and made this:

I'd call that DIY project a roaring sucess. She looked amazing. I'm so excited that the duo that made that stunning dress is putting their heads together for mine!


  1. Awesome! We want before and after pics of course!!

  2. Of course Debi! I take pictures of everything between my compulsive need to document events and my blogs (:


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