Friday, June 3, 2011

I Love This

This first group of pictures are from the same wedding on indie bride. I LOVE this wedding! I tried to contact the bride, but the email on her wedding site is no more, so if anybody knows where I could get these bridesmaids dresses please let me know.

I am totally stealing this idea. It's super simple and you can wear them on the honeymoon.
Photo Credit: Leah Rae Photography

Photo Credit: Leah Rae Photography
It's not just an "everybody jump" picture. No two people are doing the same thing. The bride and groom are still and chaos is all around them, amazing.
Photo Credit: Leah Rae Photography
This is pretty much exactly what I had in mind for bridesmaids dresses. Simple black and short with a bit of green. Only I'd want emerald green instead of apple, but her colors sure do pop. I like how they're all slightly different.

Photo Credit: Leah Rae Photography
I'm completely obsessing over comfy wedding shoes. I love the shoes and I love the picture.

Here's another amazing shoe picture from my friend Anne's wedding. She wore neon Converse All Stars with her new last name embroidered on the back. I love this photo:

Photo Credit: Amanda Psenisky Photography

I love the sense of fun all these images convey. Sure it's a serious step to bind your life to another person, but it should also be one heck of a shindig. After all you're only supposed to do it once. In the first wedding they gave guests fake mustaches to wear. A sense of humor about it all is so important. Yes, I want my marriage to be a serious commitment I've made, but I want to start it laughing and keep on having fun. There can never be too much laughter.

I also love this bridal portrait session at Sunken Gardens I found:

For the rest go here.
I bet anybody who wasn't on board with our first choice venue is excited now. So, beautiful. A little natural beauty and good photographer are a powerful combination. Speaking of Sunken Gardens I'm totally heart broken because I called today and my first and second choice dates are booked! I thought a perk of the whole waiting four years deal was that my ideal date was finally a Saturday. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up so far. Expectations can make for unhappiness in this process, or life in general. Not that it matters too much I don't have the deposit to give them today, anyway. On top of which they have all of April except of course for my second choice date wide open. Breath in, breath out, be flexible.


  1. I love it nice to get away from that formal-starchy look Cindi

  2. you should try and contact the photographer, she'll likely have the brides current contact info, or can forward along yours. - Emily

  3. Good call, Em I hadn't thought of that.


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