Thursday, June 30, 2011

Perspective Adjustment

I got a new binder, The Bride's Essential Wedding Planner Deluxe Edition. I read all the reviews and got all excited, but I had very little time to peruse the alternatives with Riley in tow. So, with my new planner I begun a fresh start. I threw out all the unnecessary magazine pages and vendor info I know I don't need. I took a few deep breaths and began the budget spread sheet anew. Once catering and venue were all written in there was almost nothing left. Mike advised I check into pricing on my top priorities first. I regrouped, rings and photography. My dream ring is discontinued and my second choice is not cheap. At that point I started to cry.

Mike made it worse by suggesting waiting a year and or maybe even 6mo before we collectively realized we don't have to pay everyone in full up front. We have enough to knock out or make a dent in the venue and food. We'll start there. We have several months to work out rings and such. We made three lists: 1. The most important big ticket things we need to do right away. 2. The smaller stuff that's more fun and can be picked up as we go 3. The stuff that can wait until the end

Most big things are in 1. deposit and 3. remaining balance. Small stuff like guest book quilt 2. Small but pressing like save the dates are in 1. All the misc stuff that be acquired a little at a time in 2. You get the picture. It's a little less daunting now. I waited a long time for this and I want to do it right.

Now we have a big picture. We will arrange venue and food first within the next two weeks. After which we will put a deposit down on the photographer. That seems to be my only vendor list that grows instead of shrinks. Now that we've had a healthy dose of reality and done some research we're on the same page and ready to roll. I can't wait to finish these save the dates!


  1. Boy, does this hit home. We are struggling every day to pay for our wedding. We aren't having anything big, either, it's just hard because there is so much little stuff I didn't even realize we needed.

    Oh well, in the end, it's more than worth it. Everytime I get stressed, I picture my future bride walking down the isle, and after that, I'm good!

  2. It always ends up that way too. Devil's in the details, I suppose. Are you guys feeding people? One of the down sides of our beautiful venue is I am required to have a minimum bar (grumble).
    In the end as long as you have the rings, the licence and the intended spouse you'll be married.

  3. Don't forget, that will be around tax rebate time! Also, people will give you money for getting married!! We were down to $13 dollars in our checking account the day of our wedding, and we deposited all of our wedding checks the very next day! -R.S.


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