Monday, June 13, 2011


I was full of potential, hope, possibility, enthusiasm and things to say. Until today, today feels a little less upbeat. I did not check any wedding to do's off of the checklist today. It's sad because there were some big one's looming. I lost my computer, in the dearly departed sense not the misplaced way. Which meant no emails, no wedding message boards, no research and no blogging until now.

How did people plan large scale events before the internet? I didn’t spend the day pouting or anything. I showed my mom the finished bodice of my ceremony dress, in person, today and I'm pretty sure she was amazed. I certainly am.



I like it so much better this way. That excess stuff was overcrowding the beautiful detail work. Beyond that decision I made from day one with absolute certainty and the ruching detail I'm adding to the skirt I haven't the foggiest, how this dress will end up.

I should feel relief that my wishes were so swiftly and expertly carried out (and I do!), but I'm still feeling lost in a land of too many choices. I'm also feeling a lot of guilt for my inability to sew, for sure. There are now two wedding dresses and two flower girl dresses under my direction on other people's to do lists. So, like I said I feel deflated today. I wish I had some triumph equal to the bodice completion to announce blogside, but I just have a growing sense of impatience at all the things I can't do yet.

Maybe I'll eat a cookie give myself a little wedding planning pep talk and get back on the horse tomorrow.


  1. Think of it this way, even if you were more experienced with sewing and felt comfortable working on such delicate and unforgiving material, it would be next to impossible to have so much yardage of snowy white dry-clean-only material sitting around in a house with two little ones. As it is, the pup gets shooed out of the living room when I'm working...

  2. You're not a disabled bride, your a beautiful bride with a disabiity! Arlette


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