Monday, December 5, 2011

Update Monday

Done Looking Forward To
  • Buying my shoes and undergarments now that I have the dress.
  • Settling my somethings (old, borrowed and blue. New's covered).
  • Seeing my finished map and getting invitations out!
  • Finals: headcount, payments, decisions, menu, decor, etc...
  • Holiday Festivities

What a week! Received my long awaited cake topper was fun, but being able to touch and wear my wedding dress was indescribable. It's just amazing. It fits perfectly and makes me feel pretty. Now for the finishing touches like shoes. I looked for earrings for my something borrowed, but my bridesmaids want me to hold out for emeralds so we'll see...

Speaking of dresses the bridesmaids all have them. Unfortunately, I think they are all a size too big, but at least there's time for alterations. I can't believe them came together and surprised me like that! What a bunch of sweeties. Go team bride. Now that they have dresses, shoes and jewelry it was the little ones turn. Dresses and shoes look good on the flower girls. They are also a size to big, but they'll grow into them perfectly in 3mo. If not toddler alterations are called safety pins.

The annual December money stress has been really compounded by wedding budget stress (and being stuck in a wheelchair without driving privileges with two kids isn't exactly helping). We had our first holiday spending verses saving for the wedding fight yesterday. I feel like I should have put that on the done list. Seriously it's kind of a relief now we can go forward knowing we're on the same page. It's just so darn hard not to spend money at Christmas. We'll get through we just have to pretend we don't have any and squirrel as much away in the wedding account as we can with utilities in tact and bellies full. I'm pretty sure if we don't touch what we have in that account and continue to deposit money at the current rate we'll manage to pay everything without too much trouble. Let's hope.

It's starting to freak me out that it's only 107 days away as in 100 + a single digit number. Like 3mos and just over 2wks this blog will end. Sad and exciting. Technically, I've been waiting 4ish years even though the planning really started this summer. Goodness, any minute now it'll be the year I'm getting married in, Woah. 2012...

107 days

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