Saturday, December 10, 2011

Officianting Odds and Ends

Today I went to a cookie party at my cousin's house (Hi, Nedi!) and since I'm related to my officiant (Hi, Aunt Nancy!) we had a brief unofficial officiant meeting. I told her I hadn't made as much headway with the ceremony as I'd hoped (ie finished a rough draft). She's going to email me some options which is exciting. I also, discussed a unity ceremony. We're limited by our venue so we can not use open flame, but that's no biggie since I want the kids to take part and I don't trust either of them with fire.

I don't like the idea of using sand, dirt or food (coffee, wine, etc). So, something we can all four do together, safe for kids and not messy...Ideas?

Mike wants to combine chemicals that glow:

Lotus Bloosom Photography
But I haven't the foggiest how that would work..

I kind or like using water. Maybe water into a watering can and the watering a plant? It'd certainly be kid friendly and do-able in a botanical garden setting. I like the flowing of one family into another like rivers coming together and forming a larger body of water. I'm just not sure how that would work.

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