Monday, December 12, 2011

Update Monday

  • My sister (and only out of town bridesmaid) booked her ticket!
  • Found out I do not have to have surgery before the wedding and that I was allowed to walk on my left foot again.
  • I apparently lost a day last week because there's no post for the 7th?!?
  • I discussed the ceremony with the officiant
  • Researched unity ceremonies
  • Ate lots of cookies (:
Looking Forward To
  • Sending out invitations in January!
  • Having another bridesmaids get together
  • Christmas!
  • More DIYing
  • The countdown going below 100!!

This weekend was all birthday and Christmas festivities. I have been madly trying to keep everyone on track because we're going on vacation this weekend. I have a stack of Christmas cards to attend to, a suitcase to pack, physical therapy to do, wrapping, more baking and kids underfoot all the while. I doubt the wedding will get much attention this week. Maybe that's a good thing.

Maybe a week of regular life and a weekend of vacation will rejuvenate me and I'll be tying up my planning lose ends with gusto. I hope...

My sister booked her ticket this week and I'm still jumping up and down. My mom may have found her dress for the wedding (courtesy of her sister's closet). Aren't sisters great? In other family news my dad shattered some bones in his leg and had to have surgery and pins put in it. I hope we're both up and around by March, but I'm glad I wasn't planning a walk down the aisle. We may have to adjust our father/daughter dance a bit though.

100 days...Unbelievable.

100 days

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