Sunday, December 4, 2011

Money Matters

I know, I know budgets are boring especially after all the fun posts about dresses, but if I don't talk about it I'll explode! Remember all my conjecture about how the holidays would be a hard time to save which is bad since balances are due so soon after. Well, I was right.

It turns out one of the fundamental differences between Mike and I is that he likes to buy things for himself and I like to spend money on other people. This makes Christmas a very dangerous time for me. It's just so fun to give gifts, especially to the kids. I'm always the one with my feet on the ground and my eye on the budget. I'm very responsible I just have this generosity problem.

I paid the last installment on my wedding dress this week and replaced every penny in the wedding account as soon as I had it. I bought the flower girl shoes on sale and under budget. I'm not going on spending sprees here. This morning I made a list of things to get at Target. Christmas related things. Decorations, clothing for the kids for holiday events and gifts. When Mike saw the list he got super grumpy. He said something like "we don't need any of this crap! We have a wedding to pay for." I was stunned.

Mainly, because he's the spendthrift not me, but also because nothing on my list was over $10ish. I want to have a turn to be laid back about money. I want to just go get what I want (granted what I want is usually something for someone else). I was just stunned. I shopped early for my kids to make December less stressful. I can't even drive right now or stand on both legs. It's not like I'm making trips to the mall. Sigh.

On the plus side Mike gets it (at least for the moment). It's relief to be on the same page about spending especially at this crucial a point. We'll have less than 100 days until the wedding by next week. I guess what stuck with me about today was fear. If we're both afraid does that mean it's possile it won't all be there? Shudder.

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