Sunday, December 18, 2011

Disabled Bride Vs The Camera

Ok, so after my post the other day and all the uncertainity about just how many wheelchair users will be in the family photos on the wedding day with my dad and I both post op I started searching for wedding photos that feature at least one person in a wheelchair.

So far I turned up this beautiful outdoor engagment session by Sweet Caroline Photography. I think the hammock ones are my favorite.

Here's a bit of humor for you from Derek Pye Photography
One thing I have noticed over the years is that even the best clients will have an elderly relative in a wheelchair. This isn't a problem if you're shooting Reportedge™ as you can get some dramatic action shots using the chair. It´s a different matter with Traditional wedding photography as no one wants an ugly wheelchair in the shots and it messes up the composition, having someone sat down when everyone else is stood up. One solution is to carry a spare wheelchair in the boot and coerce a willing guest to sit in it on the opposite side, to balance things out. Alternatively if the cripple can stand a bit then get them out of the chair and prop them against a nearby wall. You can then set the group up around them.

Under no circumstances should you Photoshop the spastic out of the chair and onto made up legs. You will get complaints if you do this. Trust me!

So, there's the old photoshop new legs solution, in the worst case senario. In all sriousness I kept looking and while images are scarce I did find this wedding party shot by Whitney Lee, it has a very pleasing composition. Levels and distances (forgive me I do not know photography terms) and you almost miss that there's a wheelchair in the picture. I think the rich colors help too.

I also really love this one by L'amour Photography:

There's something to be said for that happy glow that makes even the most obsessive bride-to-be stop scrutinizing the chairs or bridesmaids dresses and think "wow, they look happy". I felt that looking at Stacy & Daniel's wedding pictures for sure. No, I wouldn't have worn those shoes or let two people support me down the aisle, but damn if I don't get warm and fuzzy looking at these pictures.

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