Monday, December 19, 2011

Update Monday!

  • I took a vacation!!
  • Our countdown entered the double digits
  • I got a little disability heavy in my posts
  • I got Mike to briefly discuss men's attire
Still Looking Forward To
  • Sending out invitations in January!
  • Having another bridesmaids get together
  • Christmas!
  • More DIYing
  • Handing the reigns over to my more than capable wedding party and day of coordinator.

My prediction was pretty accurate my thoughts did not often venture down wedding related avenues last week. It was all trip and Christmas preparation. Which was fine by me. There's so little time left now. It's all about paying balances and working out minute details.

I think getting down to details and logistics is why the blog's gotten so disability-y lately. That's just my reality and the set of physical challenges (oh, if only life were more like Double Dare) I'll confront the wedding day has come into sharper focus. Yuck, this is boring...

I think I told you awhile back I wanted Mike to wear a Great Gatsby period suit. Something with maybe a light pin stripe. He vetoed that hardcore. He said it looked like a Halloween costume and then remained mute (and grumpy) about the subject for many weeks. I get that he's a boy and they can wait until the last minute, but I needed to know what he was picturing.

Turns out he wants a brown suit. I don't like brown. I wanted gray or black. He thinks brown goes with the earth tones we're using. Fine brown is the color of dirt, but do you have to wear it? So much for being on the same page or feeling better once I knew what he wanted. Maybe I'm imagining a poopy-er shade than he is. Maybe, we'll skip suits all together...

93 days


  1. Joe and his men wore brown suits and everyone thought they looked great. Our colors were brown, sage and ivory. I think Mike is right on this one and that brown would work. But, thats just my opinion!

  2. Maybe it's resistance to change from my original green, black and white. Or maybe just that I feel like everyone who uses green does brown suits...I'm not completely opposed just hesitant.


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