Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Disney Videos

Ok, I love all things Disney, but it breaks my heart that they mixed the original with one of the straight to video sequels here. Now, I've seen the sequels because I've lived in desperate hope of Prince Charming having a personality someday. I enjoyed them on some level, but you really shouldn't mess with the original. My absolute favorite moment in Cinderella is the the look they give each other as their carriage pulls away right before they pan out to reveal the page says "And They Lived Happily Ever After". Close second is when her shoe falls off and her new father in law replaces it and blushes at her thank you kiss on the forehead. Sigh.

Every little girl who dreamed of being a Disney princess gets a shot now. Why did it take so long for this to happen? Granted I couldn't afford the Disney princess dream of my dreams, but knowing it exists is exciting. My favorite is the first Aurora dress.

Best musical number ever. I may have seen it 100's of millions of times.

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