Sunday, November 20, 2011

Glass Slipper Jr

I'm also looking for flower girl shoes. It's harder than I thought. I found these they're $12 and in the same style as the ones the bridesmaids are wearing. I'm just not sure if silver goes with sage. I want them to be able to wear the shoes again and be comfortable. They only have that one in silver and gold. Ideally, I thought a lavender ballet slipper would be sweet, but I'm a sucker for sparkly. Silver seems like a color they'd wear again. Hmmm...

So, here's a lavendar ballet slipper covered in lace. I think a flower on the dress and the shoe might be too much. These are handmade so they're a lot more ($30).
Upon further reading they too have cloth soles and won't stand must wear and tear.

This one is a lavender ballet flat/mary jane and the rose on the toe has tulle in it for $14. It'd be a lot sturdier than the other purple shoe with the cloth sole

Basic black plus sparkle? When I look at the shoes all lined up I'm less in love light purple.



  1. I love the silver sparkly ones because they're so fun but the lavendar ones would be really cute, too. The black ones would be my last choice.

  2. In general, I like the sparkly ones more. However, with your dress, I think the lavender ones would look better.

  3. I had JUST went to comment on your original post asking about flower girl shoes to suggest silver flats. (I open things I want to read off my FB feed in new tabs, and I read that post before this one.)

    In my opinion, silver definitely goes with sage and is the most likely candidate for matching/sparkly prettiness and re-wearability. If you wanted to get super-matchy you could glue a small matching lavender flower over the strap where it fastens?

    In any case the flower girl dresses are lovely and you made a gorgeous choice. :)

  4. Holy shiit, that's MY flower girl dress, too! LOL Mine (hers) is pink, though. I vote for the lavender shoes.

  5. I'd have to go with Lavender. I think that'll coordinate the best:)

  6. I like the lavender shoes the best and then the silver ones second. I don't like the black at all with that dress.

  7. I agree about the lavendar shoes...the lace ones in particular are my fave!

  8. How old is you FG? I'm planning on getting mine these shoes and they come in purple too.


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