Monday, November 28, 2011

Update Monday!

  • Flower girl dresses arrived.
  • Decided against fairy wings for the flower girls.
  • Ordered the flower girls shoes.
  • Decided on my shoes.
  • Decided against individual wedding programs.
  • Decided to stick with my original flower bouquet
  • Received a picture of my completed wedding dress!!
  • My cake topper arrived today
Looking Forward To
  • My wedding dress arriving this week!
  • Healing from this hip surgery
  • Finishing a rough draft of ceremony and vows (still working on that)
  • Starting on the slide show
  • Holiday Festivities

The girls should be picking up their dresses this week. I can't wait to see those. In other attire news my dress is finished and shipped today. I'm dying to see it and try it on. I'm hoping to gather my girls together when the dress arrives so they can see me in it and get excited with me. Fingers crossed that works out, we'll see.

I went to a memorial for Mike's grandpa on Sunday and there was an amazing slide show. Up until now I thought if I got to the slide show great, if not no biggie. Now I'm determined to do it. It's going to be a lot of work: stalking people for photos, organizing content, scanning and composing the final product. Maybe I should wait until I can enlist help.

December is going to be crazy we're either double(triple on a few) booked or we've got nothing (and those are disappearing) every day. I'm hoping holiday crafting will inspire me to finish some wedding DIY. It'll fly by and then the "I'll do after Christmas" list will become prority.

114 days!

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