Wednesday, November 23, 2011

True Blue

Other People's Weddings: Jassandra & Kevin

Quick sidebar here: A) The next wedding I attended chronologically was Ryan and Rebekah's. It was lovely, but it was my first outing post major back surgery and I'm too hazy on the details to do it justice. Love you guys! B) I did not attend this wedding physically, but I was there in spirit. So, play on.

Mike and the groom were childhood friends who lost touch and found each other again on the internet. Just like Mike and I. As fate would have it they were marrying in October so I started chatting wedding planning with the bride. Viola, we're all friends now. I digress the wedding was held at the Groom's childhood home, don't you love that?

The bride wore a short, chic white dress with a blue sash. She also had a beautiful hair clip with a blingy white flower and blue feathers. By far my favorite accessory was her signature blue heels, amazing. If I could walk in them I'd totally own a pair. The groom and his boys wore gray suits. I love gray suits. They had the ceremony out on the dock. They I do-ed before an intimate group of family and friends.

The backyard was strung with white Christmas lights, don't you love those? I'm so jealous I can't put lights in the trees at my venue. It's such a romantic look. The centerpieces and bouquets were white daisies, you can't go wrong with daisies. Guest dined on a home cooked buffet of Cuban food lovingly prepared by the bride's family. After dinner there was not only a lovely 3-tiered white cake with blue ribbon embellishment and a silver monogram atop it, but a surprise Tardis grooms cake as well. Always embrace the nerd in your groom (& yourself for that matter).

After dinner guests danced the night away while the DJ played. When they couldn't dance another step the bride and groom were off to their honeymoon suite on the beach before departing for the their honeymoon cruise.

Hopp-ily Ever After

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