Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decisions Check In

A decision is the selection between possible actions. A choice is the selection between two or more objects. according to Wikipedia, so apparently I've made a slue of both.

I've posted the major ones as I've gone along, but I thought it would be nice to let you know about the stuff I left hanging. Let's start from the most recent and work our way back, shall we?

Fairy wings:
It occurred to me during my research today that 2yr old girls may not want to wear wings. I had thought a couple pictures and the ceremony weren't too much to ask. Now I'm worried that the girls won't keep them on long enough for pictures, which would be so sad. I mean am I just kidding myself with this idea? They'll have the flower wreathes, dresses, tights and shoes without considering wings. If they're attached with elastic Riley won't last more than 10min. Hmmm...
Update- We're going to skip them. They're nonessential and I don't want to fight with toddlers on the day of if I can help it.

Brides' Shoes:
I think I've decided on my shoe, but I'm so nervous because I wear 2.5 in girls usually and the one I want starts at a 5 in women. I have worn size 5 in the past so it's entirely possible they could fit great, but if they don't they've ruined me for all other shoe options. I've made no progress on flower girl shoes. I don't know what color goes with sage. Hopefully, I'll get some feed back on my post and figure it out.
Update: I'm going to order the green sequin flats I found on Etsy. Their website says: Our shoes are TRUE to marked size but have a snug fit. We recommend ordering a half size larger. So I think the 5 will work. Worst case scenario they'll let me send in a pair for them to cover with sequins.

Flower Girl Shoes: I got these. On sale and free shipping. Use the holiday sales to your advantage budget brides.

Programs:Now I'm torn between two kind of opposite ideas. First, I like the idea of doing just one poster sized program at the end of the aisle...The other possibility is an interactive wheel (sound familiar?) style. I guess I never got out abandoned save the date idea out of my system, but can you blame me these are pretty sweet.
Update: I want to do a chalkboard at the end of the aisle instead of individual programs. Part of my reluctance to scrap them was because of the tree astrology I found on Martha Stewart Weddings. I've come to the conclusion that it's not very green, budget friendly or practical timewise to make just shy of 100 programs. It's definitely not a priority.

Bride's Bouquet: At first I loved my bouquet and that I was the only one with one. It made it more special. Than I started considering a brooch bouquet
Update: I'm sticking with my original flowers, but pinning a lavender fairy cameo brooch to the ribbon around the stems. Compromise-ish.

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