Friday, November 18, 2011

A Difference of Opinion

There have been a few, it's only natural. In general wedding planning stirs up a lot of emotions. I find the best way to cope is to wait until you can both articulate your opinons rationally and then ultimately compromise leaving each task in the hands of the one most capable to fulfill it (Organizing-Me, Decor-Mike, etc)

What we can't agree on right now is pre-holidays vs post-holidays. When the prices on things will be better (fabric, etc). I want to check in with some vendors before the rush. Mike says no way. He thinks it will "open a can of worms." He'd perfer getting in touch post holidays when we know everything we need to ask or all of them. I'm hyper aware of all the balances that will be do Mid January-Mid February. My feeling is that we address some small things now and then get everything else handled when we settle up.

Part of me sees his logic and the other part feels like it's just Mike projecting his antisocial feeling onto our vendors. I really need to have a ceremony rough draft, rough playlist and to gather slideshow material this month. I don't see the harm in dropping a line to the baker to let them know I got the cake topper or the florist to go over things one more time.

I figure I'll get going on all the stuff I mentioned and then see how I feel, but I'll probably end up sending a few emails before things get crazy.

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  1. Get done with what you can. The holidays turn into a whirlwind and before you know it, it's February. Social anxieties need to take a backseat when you're wedding planning. Good Luck.


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