Monday, November 7, 2011

Update Monday

  • Picked out the ring bearer's duds
  • Sent my sister the dates to book her plane tickets, Yay!
  • Finished re-reading Dear Writer, Dear Actress
  • Settled on the style of the flower girl dress, now to find it.
  • Realized how married I already am.
Looking Forward To
  • Being Post-Operative this afternoonish
  • Finishing a rough draft of ceremony and vows (still working on that)
  • Thanksgiving!
  • Seeing my dress (as always)

I'm probably being wheeled into surgery as most of you are reading this update. That's right this the update Monday where my Ortho show's my bum hip who's boss. Fingers crossed I'll come home with a far more functional hip joint.

Ok, so how cute is the ring bearer outfit? I love it. Obviously, we're ditching the red tie. My little buddy already owns a lavender paisley bow tie! It's going to be great. The holidays season is definitely the time to find budget friendly, adorable kids clothes. So with my little man good to go I was even more frustrated about the flower girls attire. I love that blue Baby Gap dress, but it's the wrong size. I love the neckline and the ruffles of tulle.

The gray Nordstrom dress is available in the right size, but is much more than the budget. I have two flower girls so the budget it set in stone. I thought maybe the white Target dress with the tulle might have been alterable, but no dice. I'll keep searching. Please feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

135 days!

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