Monday, November 21, 2011

Update Monday

  • Ordered flower girl dresses.
  • Ordered cake topper.
  • Bridesmaids dresses came in and the out of town one was shipped.
  • Lots of shoe research for me and the little ones
  • Received word my wedding dress should be here by the end of the month!
Looking Forward To
  • The flower girl dresses arriving
  • The cake topper arriving (yay, packages!)
  • Finishing a rough draft of ceremony and vows (still working on that)
  • Thanksgiving!
  • Seeing my dress (as always)

I'm still hopping along. Literally because I can't bear weight on my left leg. Healing is slow and boring and not why you're here. I expect flower girl dresses later today. Super fast shipping. I'll also be seeing my cake topper later in the week and my dress after Thanksgiving. Woohoo!

I think I've decided on my shoe, but I'm so nervous because I wear 2.5 in girls usually and the one I want starts at a 5 in women. I have worn size 5 in the past so it's entirely possible they could fit great, but if they don't they've ruined me for all other shoe options. I've made no progress on flower girl shoes. I don't know what color goes with sage. Hopefully, I'll get some feed back on my post and figure it out.

My sister's dress is on it's way to California as we speak. I'm really nervous about it getting there safely. None of my local girls made it to pick theirs up yet so I still haven't seen it. I'm sure they'll pop in post Thanksgiving. It's getting so close now.

121 days!

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